This is an eclectic mix of thoughts and ideas (and personal expressions that may seem to be neither).

For an idea of what might appear here, consider who I am: the label “Christian” is so abused, I hesitate to use it, but I do consider myself a follower of Jesus Christ; I am a computer programmer, a real estate agent, a father and husband. I tend to be “conservative” in thought and attitude, but I don’t like that label, necessarily, in our current political environment, though I am reluctant to post anything that may be overly political in nature.

My education and background are in the field of computer science, and I have a mathematics minor with my Bachelor of Science degree.

And last but not least, I am proud to be owned by two cats.

I wrote a blog entry about my history, sort of, since college.

The quickest way to find all my online pages is via: Add Me
Here is also a larger view of my business card.


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