Books Review

Finishing up blog posts from this last year; things I started, but never finished.

I’ve read two books that I ought to write a short review of.  One written by an acquaintance — a colleague of my wife’s.  Ashes, Ashes.  I have two overall reactions: first, it’s quite a long novel for a debut, but parts of it are quite well written — esp. where Darrell writes to his strength (his psychological profiles and descriptions are believable, vivid and still readable); there are points where the writing could use finer editing.  Second, I recall thinking at the end that there was a large aspect of deus ex machina — and this critique from someone who embraces the supernatural.

But speaking of the Supernatural, the second book is Heaven is For Real.  The true story of a boy who saw Heaven and returned to tell the story.

The second book is touching, and endearing, and had all the more impact on me that it was written from the perspective of the dad; and it rings true to me all the more because he admits times when he made mistakes and is honest about all the things he doesn’t understand.

So, the first is interesting, but long; I’m curious to read the sequel, and then I’ll probably have a different opinion.  I give it three stars of five, but know that it does not “end” as I’d like — and, in some sense, it doesn’t end.  But I don’t want to give away the end.  There are definitely parts, and a lot of them, that I’d emphasize, and they make great conversation starters, and the overall arch of the story is great.

And both stories — maybe a little more the second — make me want to sit down and have a talk with the author(s): ask questions, find out more, write a guide for readers…

(You may be able to tell that this post is quite old, and the stories have undoubtedly circulated, but if you haven’t yet read either or both, it’s still worth doing; neither story is specifically “dated” and both can be fresh at any time.)


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