Good people along the way

There have been many people who helped, who deserve special mention, and a couple of companies to reference, which I’d be happy to do business with again.  A surprise assist is due toYan Tsirklin, and I owe him thanks — be sure to check out SocialWish, and, if you need “unique and exclusive written articles created to your specifications”, check out Text Broker.
I’d gladly work for Steve Mueller anytime, anywhere.  Also Steve Musch is an excellent technical recruiter, who I was pleased to work with, although that opportunity did not work out (through no fault of his).  Ethan Scheetz, at Recruiters of Minnesota helped me, and almost landed me one job (I came in 2nd, due to myself, not Ethan!).

I want to thank my wife, for her patience, understanding, help and support, and un-ending love.

Intertech is another good company; I am happy to know people there, and maybe someday work with…  Steve Z. at TekSystems is a great guy that both my brother and I know, and I’d gladly recommend.  Another person known to both is Heidi Cline, recruiter at Concord USA — she was extremely kind and helpful.  I can’t say enough good about her.

Also, lest anyone think I only had “bad” experiences at IBM, there is one person I consider a mentor, who aided me both while there, and while leaving — thank you, Scott.

All in all, I consider myself blessed by the people I know, and who know me.


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