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Incomplete, but submitted

April 27, 2011

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”  — Winston Churchill

This post is long overdue, and very incomplete, but I had better update people.  Many of you know, some do not, that I am looking for a new job, because IBM is laying me off – it was supposed to take effect March 28th, but I got an extension until the end of May.

The whole story will be written later, how the administrative failures piled on top of each-other, the boost to my ego from the rapid, positive response of so many, the almost comical “results” for my current assignment (or, if not related, all the more interesting…)

But I wanted to record the number of “failures” during interviews, and the fact that they continue:

Initially, I had three leads with potential within three days – I sent out messages on Friday after vacation and by Tuesday had three opportunities.  Immediately, one fell thru, since I joined the process too far along (an offer was given to someone the next day, I think, because that candidate had already been thru three rounds of interviews); so I spoke with another, who although viewing me favorably, was unable to provide a position at that time – I should really call him back…  The third opportunity at that time is still part of the process, though it has taken time, and a convoluted train of events led to my name and information being passed thru five people: my friend gave it to someone in HR, who gave it to a co-worker, who gave it to a hiring manager who passed my resume on to a former colleague – we’ll see.

In the mean time, I interviewed with two others – one I found on a job search site, but quickly found that I knew someone from college who now worked there, so I got an “inside track” by using an employee referral program.  But that didn’t work out.  The second proved to be a very close race between me and another candidate – both of us made it to the final round of decision-making, and I know from a contact that those deciding were split, with some favoring me, but more the other person.

I also got help from a friend, who sent my resume on to a company for whom I would really like to work, but given my “constraints” (not wanting to travel very much, certainly not every week), I was only considered for one position, for which I did not have some of the necessary skills.

Then in the midst of this, I got a random e-mail from another recruiter, who was hiring at a company [nameless here] which would’ve provided much comedy to my wife and friends if they’d hired me.  It turns out, however, that some degree of mis-understanding (and internal politics) led to me being rejected there: I am not quite the “type” of person they are hiring – but I only learned this after the fact, at the time, all I knew was that I was rejected.

And I’ve gotten more than a few anonymous e-mail rejections from your basic web application system, and a couple of inquiries have failed simply from a lack of timing.  One for a purely technical reason: I was interviewed by the CTO of a company who asked incredibly detailed questions, for which I did not provide the exact answer(s) he was after.

So I have tried, with some bruising of the ego, to go from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.  I hope I am succeeding, I need to keep trying, because I will, eventually, find the job for me.