Latest on P != NP and Next Haskell Work

At the end of this post, I’m going to lay out my plan for further work on Haskell

Update: R. J. Lipton wrote a nice, easy overview of the problem, and a timeline of the week following for the magazine Communications of the ACM. This is probably my last work on this — I still haven’t gotten back to Haskell…

The NYT had an article on Monday, which talked around the proof, but was an interesting discussion of using “social media” to solve problems.

“At this point the consensus is that there are large holes in the alleged proof — in fact, large enough that people do not consider the alleged proof to be a proof,” Dr. Vardi said. “I think Deolalikar got his 15 minutes of fame, but at this point the excitement has subsided and the skepticism is turning into negative conviction.”

— Which means it could still be correct, but probably not.

Richard Lipton has a blog post about why proofs (in general) matters — again, a good read itself (including a “personal” note about Dr. Deolalikar original wish for privacy, and actions in that direction recently.

So on to other things — I’m giving up for now on a Haskell GUI, in favor of getting something done.  I typically resist posting “plans,” but I do tend to get more done that way, so here goes:

  • first, read an (.INI) file,
  • 2nd, parse command-line arguments (and write back the resulting file)
  • copy files/folders based on the previous two
  • and then move on to “comparative programming” for Sudoku…

So we’ll see what this next week or two brings.  I’ll be out of town this weekend, so no progress for a while…


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