I Feel Vindicated

This is a little tooting my own horn, but I had to share:

I found out that I’m not the only one — I tried to control IE from Java (I know, several attempt exist), and got stymied.  More precisely, I tried using j-interop via DCOM interface to programmatically control Internet Explorer, but when  I went to get the frames, it failed all means I could think of — directly and a couple of indirect methods, and experiments around the edges;

Then I searched for a different means, found jiffie, and went straight to work on my problem.  This code was right there:

// We should be able to execute the code below to retrieve the
 // document's frames collection directly, However this fails
 // withh a "No such interface supported" error. This means we
 // have had to implement the required functionality ourselves.
 //Variant frames = getVariantProperty("frames");
 //return (JiffieUtility.getElementFactory().createElementList(getParentBrowser(), frames));

And there you have it: (a) persistence pays off — they do have code that works after these comments; (b) I’m not the only one, but also (c) I’m on the right track (or, google is your friend).

Now I need to add an update to the preceding with some notes about functional programming.


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