Haskell in the News

This is a tech update that doesn’t report a whole lot of progress, but some interesting links.

I need to read SD Times more often, methinks.  Today I read thisLLVM is the compiler infrastructure of the iPhone SDK (will it now be called iOS SDK?).  Then I found this, looking for details and a quote.  From the abstract:

Haskell as implemented by GHC was found to map remarkably well onto the LLVM Assembly language,although some new approaches were required.

Instructions here.

[That’s six links in two paragraphs (plus two to S/W Dev Times) – the Wikipedia article, the LLVM website itself, a story describing the uses by XCode, the Apple website; then the reddit article pointing to David Terei’s thesis, and finally, instructions on setting up LLVM-GHC.]

So now for my status: I’ve been meaning to get back to Haskell programming for a while now, but I’ve been stymied by other things —
for the record, I have three or more projects “in the works” (at least thought of, if not actively developing):

  • I’ve taken my Clojure code to work on SRAT and added an AWT UI, plus I’m loading state via Dan Larkin’s JSON library— I realize now that I haven’t posted anything about this work.  I’ll have to remedy that, also.
  • besides the Haskell for “backup” (which I’ll describe soon), I’m reading the OCaml beginners’ mailing list and I’m coding in Jython trying to run IE via j-Interop, but having problems w/ passing an (empty) string array… or some such, I’m not sure what the issue is with calling the DispHTMLDocument interface method frames [believe it or not, I can’t find a link I want to include here — to the ‘generic’ inteface defn. as found in the IDL].
  • I want to do a calendar app for myself (a two-week wide table), with Julian Date and repeating events (like Christmas and Thanksgiving)…  prob. in Haskell, for the practice, but
  • I’d also like to do something with J, which I don’t know right now…
  • I am thinking that a Sudoku app in all the languages I can now code in (for “comparison” — to communicate the boad via a shared file format)
    [my current list is Jython, Clojure, Java (perhaps redundant, given the previous two), C++ maybe, Haskell, … ?? SmallTalk, (other suggestions? Ruby?), Javascript, [J]…

A little ambitious, but if I can just get to my Haskell problems first…

  • and I’m interested in writing an iPhone app (is that now passé?)
  • and I am trying to get Linux running on an old iBook — having trouble w/ wireless there, too…

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