This is going to be a “religious” post, so if you’re looking for tech, check back later — I’m trying to get “one simple thing” working in Haskell, then I’ll write that report.

I’ve heard say a coincidence is when God decides to act and remain anonymous…

Wednesday my wife and I had supper with a friend (yes, my little boy was there, too, but he was very well behaved).
She asked a question of my wife (I only got the details later), via e-mail prior, but the gist of it is (and I hope I’m being accurate), “Why do I have [this] longing?  Isn’t God supposed to meet all my needs?”  That’s not quite it, because writing it that way sounds accusatory, and she wasn’t (yet) thinking that, I don’t believe.

Closer to the real question is this: Why am I lonely?  And what can/should I do about that?

Then yesterday, I read this post on the blog Stuff Christians Like.  In short, he writes that God cares about loneliness.

To which, my cynical side replies, “Great, but that doesn’t put another person here.”  But that’s not being fair either.  The question is more to the point, “what can I do about it??”  And that has always been the million dollar question.

… giving it another hour of thought, I think I missed something: sometimes, it does matter, just knowing that God cares, and the blog entry makes the point that this is one of God’s first concerns (see Gen. 2).  Our church has made a point to emphasize that Christianity is meant to be lived out, in community; not in isolation like our culture so often implies.

2ndly, and this is to those who are lonely: I care, and other Christians (not all, would that it were so); but one cure I know for these situations is to get involved with other people.  Zig Ziglar says, “you can get everything you want in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”  And I believe there is some truth to that — moreso the more I dwell on it.  The more other-focused we are, the less time we have for our own problems.  (The cute plaque with two puppies says, “If you want a friend, be a friend.”  Which also sounds trite, but there is a truth there…)

Now I’m going to begin addressing myself (you can listen if you want, but know that I am not preaching at you — I can’t, since I don’t know anyone’s situation but my own…).  I have long thought about Michael Card’s song “Know You in the Now” on the album Present Reality.  “Lord, I long to see Your presence in reality, but I don’t know how… let me know You in the Now.”  Recently, separate from the preceding, I’ve come to understand: the way we Christians see Our Lord in this world, and the only way others will ever see Him, is through the lives of fellow Christians.  But the reciprocal of that is: the only way other people will ever see Jesus Christ is through my life. That puts some responsibility on me to live in such a way that others see The Light in me.  (Not a heavy burden, because it is only thru God at work in my life that it can happen — it is His responsibility, I only need to get out of the way and be a conduit of His Love and Life.)  I can’t now go in to all that, but suffice it to say that talking about it isn’t right either — “the Word became flesh,” and so, too, this truth must be lived out, not just spoken.

This has been just a short post — as always — there is more unsaid than I can ever find time to write; if you have an idea, leave a comment and I may respond to it, in time…


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