Resisting the Urge (Not Really)

Update: Apparently, Petersen is a qualified no vote, but a no nonetheless.

I do not want to turn this blog into a political rant. I will return to technical and/or “personal” (non-political) opinion shortly. But I can’t resist simply posting the final vote results for “Health Care Reform Act.”

Because I’m in Minnesota, here are the Reps. and their vote:

Michelle Bachmann, No; Keith Ellison, Yes; John Kline, No; Betty McCollum, Yes; James Oberstar, Yes; Erik Paulsen, No; Colin Peterson, No; Tim Walz, Yes.

Thank you to Michelle Bachmann (R), John Kline (D), Erik Paulsen (D), and Colin Peterson (D).  Especially noted are the Democrats that disagreed with their party and voted against this bill anyway.

All those that voted “Yes” — it is noted and will be remembered.


One Response to “Resisting the Urge (Not Really)”

  1. DreadPirateRoberts Says:

    Good point, “we will remember”; So many who voted for the President now have seen the true face of the far Left. This is something that they have never seen, and it is an ugly face at that.

    gsparks, if you are not in the Tea Party yet, please consider joining.

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