Probably Unfinished Game

I don’t think I’ll get this finished. Either way, I’m willing to share the code I have so far (just e-mail, or just post a comment here). Also, this is the strategy I was considering: all of the following presumes you understand the game rules as given

  • first, sans bumpers, my initial thought was to find the closest puck of my color, and (two — maybe more) nearby grey pucks and encircle both — checking that it was possible (able to move the sled “around,” smaller than 600 units, enough time remains to complete, etc.)
  • the bumpers could be added to that to move pucks inside that area;
  • alternatively, find a blue puck or two and enclose in with a red puck [presuming the opponent is blue and I am red — the game always presents each player thus, doing translations as necessary] thus greying out all the above…

The difficulty I encountered first was that I can’t figure out how to calculate the path(s) for the sled — I think I would do thus now (pictures would help, but I am not going to work on that. If anything I’d be coding from hand-drawn diagrams…): Figure the smallest circle for the sled (radius 30, approximately). If the point fell inside that, you couldn’t move there (actually you could, it would just be a lot more work, maybe). Also, figure the minimum “approach” to the point/direction desired (basically, figure the smallest circle from the point reversing the direction), then, if there is a distance between, move on a line tangent to both circles

  • Alternative strategy would be just to move the sled in the largest possible circle and use the bumpers to push pucks into that area:
    • if there are opponent pucks inside that circle, get them out
    • make sure at least one of my own [red] pucks is inside that circle
    • bump as many grey pucks as possible into the circle in the time remaining

I may still, but even if not, I’m publishing my thoughts


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