PegaSystems (work related query)

Update Tues. 27 Jan. 2010 — I get a few hits on this blog entry now and then; if you e-mail me (or leave a comment), I’ll try and respond.  If it is PRPC question, give me try.  I may be able to answer…

Update 6 October — I’d really like it if, when you find this, you leave a short comment describing how/why you came.  What were you looking for?

Update! 23 March — see the comments for very fast responses from Pega employees, and people on Twitter, and in general, very helpful individuals (thanks to all of you for the replies!)

I’m trying to find info about PRPC (Pega Rules Process Commander) for work, but I don’t know where to go.

I know about the PDN, and also PegaTricks (which isn’t working now, but sometimes — I’ve found it useful in the past) and also, which seemed pretty dead for a while, but I notice new activity recently…

What I’m trying to find is information on asynchronous SQL (RunInParallel option of the RDB-List)…
… well, okay, so maybe I can find some info on the PDN (usually, the organization is so bad, I despair of getting anything useful).

In general, the question remains, how do I find others doing Pega related work?  Is there some user group, or some such (very little info is out there, so it seems)?


9 Responses to “PegaSystems (work related query)”

  1. Jo Baker Says:

    Hi gparks,

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble getting hold of information, I take care of European Communications for Pegasystems. Please email me directly on with your contact details and I’m going to put you in touch with the right person.

    Kind regards,


  2. Jon Garfunkel Says:

    Hi Greg — Have you tried the PDN Forums? You can post there, I’ll try to see that you get an answer.

  3. Puleen Patel Says:

    It seems that PegaTricks is dead in the water. I have had better luck with PDN Forums as well as

    When in doubt, you can always open a support request with Pega, but only if it is something that you are unable to get an answer through PDN Forums.


  4. gparks Says:

    * Thanks Jo, but as you can see, Jon also contacted me (and is now following me on Twitter — thanks Jon).

    * Puleen — PegaTricks was down (I hadn’t checked it in a looonng time), then it was up, briefly, but now I see it is down again. You don’t have any idea who run it, do you?
    This doesn’t rise to the level of a support request — yet. Probably not by any means. I did post to the PDN Forums, we’ll see…

  5. Jo Baker Says:

    No worries, my main concern that we were able to help you quickly! Glad that you’re satisfied now. Regards, Jo

  6. Puleen Patel Says:

    Greg, I don’t personally know the person(s) who run Although, I was told who they were a while back, just don’t remember their name. Domain Registrar shows “Timothy Panagos” as the owner. So that might be the person. 🙂

    I was active on for a while, but it was getting laiden with Job Postings and I don’t know if the owner (friend of mine) is actively monitoring it or not.

  7. Puleen Patel Says:

    Another good source may be some groups on Orkut. Although I don’t actively monitor the chatter in there, I have on occasion dropped in and looked at the questions being asked.

  8. Tim Panagos Says:

    Hi, guys. I have been the operator of I am glad that you remember it and miss it. The story, in brief, is that the very of MediaWiki that PegaTricks was built-upon was not up to the task of keeping the spambots out–the curse-side of a good Google placement. I was editing-out the spam posts manually for a while, but it just got to be too much hassle. The site is down because the spam posts became so numerous that they exceeded my DB space limits from the host. If there is a strong signal from the community that the site should be resurrected, I would consider it. However, I would need some commitment from folks who wanted to post answers and content and not just seek assistance. I was essentially the sole provider of content to pegatricks. It is a lot of effort to run such a site.

  9. gparks Says:

    Well! Before I could get settled at work this AM, I find that Mr. Paganos as already responded — yeah, I thought of checking the domain registration, but I’ve been off-line all week-end (my wife and I celebrated our anniversary late — we had other things going on then, and set aside this weekend as an alternate…)

    Anyway, thanks Puleen, and thank you, Tim, for responding.
    I think, though, that between the PDN forums (I haven’t yet visited Orkut) and other sources, I’ve found what I need, I don’t know about others.

    I can always e-mail either Jo or Jon (above) for info…

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