FP Lang. Opinions

Update! 12 March: After posting this, the next day I read this msg. in the ocaml_beginners mail list (and the ones before and a few later in the thread), indicating changes afoot [none of which would necessarily alter the opinions expressed].  Also, a link from a diff. story in the same mail list, to enhanced top — a patch to the top-level interpreter.

So I started w/ OCaml (from F#, thru ML).   After trying, with some difficulty, to “convert” some code from Haskell, I found this [“OCaml sucks”].  Now he tells me! But there is a caveat at the end, which makes me feel a little better, with a link to another opinion piece.  Well, that combined with Bill Clementson’s op-ed on Clojure makes me lean that way.  (Lisp-like, concurrent functional programming:  sounds like what I’m interested in!)

I haven’t yet given up on OCaml, but I haven’t had time to try…

Stay tuned for a final attempt to convert code and present a good approximation of the Sieve of Erotosthanes (no I haven’t forgotten)…


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