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Responding to “Sams Freedom …,” responding to Valarie Stevens

March 27, 2009

So someone I follow on twitter put up a lengthy blog post of recommendations for Twitter and blogging and got an interesting comment to the effect “you’ll never make money putting good info like this for free on the Internet.”  (Of course, I’m paraphrasing and, of course, I’m biased!  That’s the reason for this post.)

And I couldn’t fit my reply in 140 characters (hence this blog!).

But I couldn’t disagree more.  Sure you may be able to make money by selling this information, but I wouldn’t pay more than $1 for it as good as it is, and most likely not even that.  While I personally wouldn’t buy it, a lot of people may.  Some may even think they got a bargain.  But that wouldn’t add to your circle, and it would limit not increase your influence.

Bear in mind I come from the software world, where open-source is my friend: software that does so much, including operating systems for free.  Of course you should give back, and of course there is more to the story, but the line is this:

We’re talking about the Internet here, where Wikipedia makes the knowledge of the whole world available for free.  And if Web 2.0 is about anything, it’s a giving and sharing community.  There are ways to profit legitimately (selling goods and services, etc.), and then there’s the make-a-buck-quick anyway you can people.

Here’s my bottom line.  I think the blog post in question is completely apropos, and maybe it could be sold, but then a lot of people who won’t pay would miss out.  As it stands, the Valarie has my good will and more likely to get a recommendation from me, while a salesperson would not have either….

Expect this to be udpated in response to comments I get (or don’t).


PegaSystems (work related query)

March 17, 2009

Update Tues. 27 Jan. 2010 — I get a few hits on this blog entry now and then; if you e-mail me (or leave a comment), I’ll try and respond.  If it is PRPC question, give me try.  I may be able to answer…

Update 6 October — I’d really like it if, when you find this, you leave a short comment describing how/why you came.  What were you looking for?

Update! 23 March — see the comments for very fast responses from Pega employees, and people on Twitter, and in general, very helpful individuals (thanks to all of you for the replies!)

I’m trying to find info about PRPC (Pega Rules Process Commander) for work, but I don’t know where to go.

I know about the PDN, and also PegaTricks (which isn’t working now, but sometimes — I’ve found it useful in the past) and also, which seemed pretty dead for a while, but I notice new activity recently…

What I’m trying to find is information on asynchronous SQL (RunInParallel option of the RDB-List)…
… well, okay, so maybe I can find some info on the PDN (usually, the organization is so bad, I despair of getting anything useful).

In general, the question remains, how do I find others doing Pega related work?  Is there some user group, or some such (very little info is out there, so it seems)?

FP Lang. Opinions

March 10, 2009

Update! 12 March: After posting this, the next day I read this msg. in the ocaml_beginners mail list (and the ones before and a few later in the thread), indicating changes afoot [none of which would necessarily alter the opinions expressed].  Also, a link from a diff. story in the same mail list, to enhanced top — a patch to the top-level interpreter.

So I started w/ OCaml (from F#, thru ML).   After trying, with some difficulty, to “convert” some code from Haskell, I found this [“OCaml sucks”].  Now he tells me! But there is a caveat at the end, which makes me feel a little better, with a link to another opinion piece.  Well, that combined with Bill Clementson’s op-ed on Clojure makes me lean that way.  (Lisp-like, concurrent functional programming:  sounds like what I’m interested in!)

I haven’t yet given up on OCaml, but I haven’t had time to try…

Stay tuned for a final attempt to convert code and present a good approximation of the Sieve of Erotosthanes (no I haven’t forgotten)…