If You Wonder about Jay Leno

Because you may be curious (I was), here’s the news about Jay Leno.

The NYT reports from December that Conan will take over in May (not what I’m seeing in current ads  [read below –ed.]), and Jay will move to a ten o’clock show (Eastern Time) and compete with CSI (Miami and New York).  There is more rumor than information in this story.

The Seattle Times reported Sunday more news, but contradictory information from the network and from Jay himself: a longer monologue, or not; a different format and a tough adjustment ratings-wise.  I half agree with the final quote:

“The key is never become a personality, always try to have material, always try to have something funny,” Leno said. “Never assume anybody wants to see you. They want to see you do whatever it is you do, as opposed to just showing up.”

Here is a source for a brief, readable interview with Conan: Women on the Web.  (This makes him sound the most likeable I’ve ever heard — not that I plan on becoming a fan!  Decidedly not.)

Finally, this story again says that Leno will be hosting the Tonight Show until May.

The whole story: I see here (Conan will be in Charlotte soon, if not recently), that Conan will sign off of Late Night this week, but not start the Tonight Show until June.  Okay, I understand now.


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