OCaml Func. Programming, part A

I’m long overdue for posting an update.  I’ve made slow progress…

I found an Italian* version of the non-Eratosthanes Sieve — I used BabelFish and common sense to translate the comments to English.  Here is a Word doc and pdf of that.   Update! Hmm, here are lecture notes for a class at Univ. of Innsbruck (very similar to the Italian code).

* a former co-worker would insist I say “ih-TAL-yan” rather than “I-TAL-yan” with a long ‘I’ sound, just as you say “Italy” with a short ‘I’ sound…

Now to figure out how to “convert” it…  (or write my own).


One Response to “OCaml Func. Programming, part A”

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    […] Stay tuned for a final attempt to convert code and present a good approximation of the Sieve of Erotosthanes (no I haven’t forgotten)… […]

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