My 2nd Functional Programming Intro

The results of my cheat sheet “experiment” are here (and I’m not done yet!).

I haven’t had time to digest even the beginning of this (watch for this post to update frequently over the next week or so…); but I found this “interesting” (funny) — ways to misuse lambdas in Python
and I started reading about a genuine Sieve of Eratosthenes! (see the PDF).

I’m also going to post a list and a basic review of functional programming languages, since several have been suggested to me…

  • Haskell — I guess I need to start here in order to understand the paper on the genuine sieve (above); now I see that I need to learn monads

It’s too late tonite for me to do more, but I’m going to post this anyway — check back for updates.


One Response to “My 2nd Functional Programming Intro”

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