Technical Learning for the Day

Today I learned this (maybe someone else may find it useful):

I use TweetDeck for managing Twitter groups.  (Update: the rest of this post has very little to do with the functioning of TweetDeck, which is a nice program for managing Twitter, and that is all — but rather, this is what I did to synchronize the configuration between two computers.)  However, I run on both my work PC and my personal Mac PowerBook.  Well, by now, there is enough differences that I tried to figure out how the data is stored so I could move the configuration back and forth between the two.  It took some digging, but using FileMon for Windows XP, I found the file, and opening it with UltraEdit (any text editor would do), I see that the format is a SQLite db.  (Finding the same on the Mac was easy, albeit manual: my user folder –> Library –> Preferences –>  TweetDeckFast.F9107117265DB7542C1A806C8DB837742CE14C21.1 –> Local Store –> td_26_GParks.db)

Then it was a matter of finding a way to examine that database, I picked a Macintosh program: Mike T’s SQLite DB Admin Tool.  Using two simple SQL cmds, I made updates to the groupings of my friends and got everything straight, now I just need to e-mail the database back to my work PC and everything will be synchronized…

SELECT f.fName, c.cName
FROM friends f, groups g, columns c
WHERE f.fUserID = g.gUserID
  AND g.gCID = c.cID
ORDER  BY f.fName, c.CName


FROM friends
WHERE fUserID NOT IN (select gUserID from groups)

There you go — my education for the day. If you find it helpful, let me know…


One Response to “Technical Learning for the Day”

  1. lparks2 Says:

    You’ll give me a personal tutorial on this, won’t you?

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