Meet One of our Owners

Note: this entry was written by my wife, Lana.

Most people reading this blog already know that we are owned by 3 cats–Lilly, Patsy, and Smudge. If you know cats at all, you are aware that cats own you, you don’t own cats. That’s just the way it is, you may as well learn that you are a mere staff member that will provide food–preferably tuna–treats, and some fuzzy hugs when and if the particular cat is in the mood. If you are owned by a cat, you also are aware that each cat has his/her distinct purrsonality.

Lilly, our most mature, is a very intuitive creature. If there is anything amiss, she will inform one of her staff members. If Patsy has dumped over the garbage, Lilly is waiting by the door to inform the staff upon their arrival, if there is food missing from her dish, she is on staff’s face no matter the time, if her staff’s blood sugar is low, Lilly is jumping on this staff member’s stomach and face until she wakes up at which time Lilly escorts her to the refrigerator. And, she had to give her paws of approval before Greg could become my husband. She walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek the first time she met him (she’s never done that with anyone before or since). Needless to say, Lilly has been an amazing cat. She is, however, getting older and with age comes some challenges. She has taken care of me for 12 yrs. and now it’s time to care for her. She’s not quite as astute at grooming any longer, so we get her groomed more frequently; she’s “extremely fluffy”, so we have special low-cal/low carb food; and she can’t jump as high, so we have stairs up to our bed. But, the biggest hurdle happened 2 yrs. ago when she was acting lethargic and we almost lost her. After 3 misdiagnoses from 2 different doctors, we took her to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital where after undergoing countless tests, they found a kidney infection (which can be lethal and is usually only found postmortem) and kept her for almost a week in the Intensive Care Unit on an IV of antibiotic. Cha-ching! After taking another mortgage on the house and living on beans and wieners for months on end, we have paid the vet bill. Every 3-6 months she goes in for an ultrasound on her kidneys to ensure that nothing has changed and the condition is not returning. Was it worth it?? YES!! We would do it again in a heartbeat.

Yes, our owners are as important as our child. They have been there for us no matter what the situation with unconditional love and acceptance. Our belief is that we need to care for them as we would any other family member as they are family members, they just happened to have a fur coat.


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