Starting Blogging

A friend shared this link.

I’m not sure blogging is so much a commitment as an addiction — for me, it’s just an extension of FaceBook, and Twitter (hence the name: you can write longer “notes” in facebook, but this forum gives me more liberty).

Blogging, for me, for now, is just writing, if enough people comment and reply and respond, then it may be more, but if you don’t say anything to me, I’ll just say what I feel like…

As for a “crowded space” — well, yeah, but I’m only writing for a few, and those who don’t read every blog out there (I don’t and can’t either, but I have decided to pick and choose; if you pick my blog to read, I thank you.)

I’m not blogging, yet, for profit, but that may come later (and I hope I don’t lose or gain readers because of that), but it is a starting point — for what all, I’m not sure, but I’ll let you know when I get there.

I started blogging because I listened to this podcast of Six Pixels of Separation, (here is the archived “story”) which referenced this video, which was pretty motivating.

P.S.  This is not the entry I meant to write: I have three more others.
First/next: Customer Service — the good and the bad;
Then: “Writing Without Adverbs”;
and finally: a response to the functional programming video and more comp. sci. stuff

… and a bio. for my facebook friends (some of whom I have not spoken to in about a decade!)


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