I’m late to the game, as always. (“I’ll probably be late to my own funeral!  St. Peter is going to have to hold open the Pearly Gates.”)

But to start with, here is the “top ten” links that I always check:

My Earthlink — “original” ISP, now just my e-mail provider, but this is my “first” homepage

iGoogle, Reader — my 2ndary “homepage”, and my preferred RSS aggregator.

Backflip Daily Routine — nothing even approaching “daily” but BackFlip is a nice bookmarking site. I used it long before (they changed their domain name — now no longer the interesting URL it was…)

My Mensa page — basically just a short-cut to Hotmail to check the Grammar Police e-mail list., twitter and facebook (see my about page to find me there!)

I will get to posting about subjects shortly (maybe tomorrow).  First up: functional programming!


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